Alphaville 1965

Alphaville is the dystopian film by the great director Jean-Luc Godard, released almost haf a century ago. The director smiles sardonically upon us as the film's bleak vision looks through the decades that passed and the ones that will come, where technology and pure scientific logic drive change and worldwide upheaval.

One cannot escape the prophetic ramifications spelled throughout this sci-fi masterpiece, as it progresses to a black & white panorama of Orwellian asphyxiation.

As time passes by, the film reaches its apocalyptic metaphors and reveals its timely & powerful concerns, fears, of a world ruled by disciplined followers of science & technology.

The protagonist, Lemmy Caution, picked by Godard out of b movies, performs the role of an agent whose mission is to stop this totalitarian madness. The deep dark voice of the super computer Alpha 60, reminds us of post 00's AI (artificial intelligence) that has been enhanced in our modern lifes, in ways that we acknowledge as natural. When was the last time a computer voice assisted you online or offline? 

After watching this movie, an ominous light fades away in our minds... darkness covers all our hopes for a future not governed by machines, where humans are stripped from all emotions.

This movie could have well influenced Ridley Scott's cyberpunk film ''Blade Runner'', where Harrison Ford falls in love with a replica, as another Lemmy Caution learning the words ''conscience'' & ''love'' to Alphaville's Anna Karina...

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