Myspace revisited - social media wars

There was a recent buzz & presentation over online media for the new Myspace design & functionality. Now this is no news. Myspace is struggling to regain its dominant (?) position it once enjoyed (back in 2003). This time though, web journalists are reporting something good back. Something very promising & versatile.

Don't forget that Myspace is an online platform featuring millions of tracks from indie & mainsteam artists. Therefore, its owners have persisted that this rich Intellectual Property has to be diffused upon the masses (old & present users) with innovative new design & functionalities.

The Internet just became boring,” COO Chris said to a panel of journalists. ''There was nothing fun anymore … I want to make it fun to use MySpace.”

Other managers reported that the new Myspace is now a new product. The new design sparks emotion for the fans, the artists, its users overall. The new Myspace is also a bet & a challenge for web developers as it reinforces meaning, navigation, search capabilities.

Users can enjoy new personalization features too that seem to consist a different language that needs to be learned in order to fully master Myspace. I should mention that they also changed ''Like'' to ''Connect''. They have designed the whole platform so that users ''connect'' with everything featured.

Myspace, Spotify, Pandora, Vevo, Facebook, Youtube...who is winning & who is left behind?


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