The third industrial revolution is here

In our times, there has been a mass production of global products and services. Some economists prefer the terms, product goods & services goods. The first industrial revolution and the second industrial revolution, focused on mass manufacturing and developing the aforementioned. The third industrial revolution, taking place in the 21st century, is all about integration of products & services. We have big data, digital manufacturing (take 3D printers for example), adaptive services. These three, are technological ''enablers'', offering customization of the services and goods that are being offered to us thus affecting global supply & demand chain management. Producing goods and services at this point becomes indistinguishable. The outcome of the third industrial revolution, generates great economic advantages to the industrialized countries, where the consuming customers are at the same time co-producers. Old business models are being replaced by rapid, non-linear, exponential technologies. 3D printers will shake the foundations of established shipping & manufacturing companies. The world is changing in unimaginable ways...ways beyond that Adam Smith had visualized in his book, The Wealth of Nations.

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