Intro: Concerts, gigs, performances, live arts...these cultural phenomena have been taking place in our grotesque world for centuries.

Fact: Internet penetration in Greece has been increasing.

Motivation: A few months ago, me & the creative team of Siteland, had the craziest of ideas about organizing an online event for the biggest e-shop for extreme sports in Greece (probably in the Balkans too).

Scope: Disrupting the current music business models, we are proud to announce a rare and unique online event which will take place ''inside'' the frozenwave e-shop. Yes, you read correctly. We are powering & hosting an online event on featuring (the latest project by Stereo Mike & Constantine).

Process: Visit register for free & become a member in order to attend & watch SchiZm online on on June 25th at 20:00 Greek time!

Aftermath: I will return back to you after the online event and analyse the overall cost-benefits, a boring economic analysis of mine for the goodies of online ''heresy''!

Epilogue: Long live the web! Long live the cyberpunk culture!

- Stathis on behalf of

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