Music ''shot'' part III - Christian Cambas

I am very honored to host Christian Cambas who has delivered a new music ''shot'' for us! Let's see what he has to say:

Stathis Kassios: Hello Christian! You may introduce yourself to the readers of this blog & update us on your latest music endeavors!

Christian Cambas: Hi guys, I am a DJ/producer from Athens and I play Techno and some Tech House.  Right now, I just released my latest track "Animate Objects" on Toolroom Records. Coming up really soon are more singles and remixes on labels like Great Stuff and Deeperfect, and I also just finished a remix for Greek metal gods Nightfall. Apart from that, I also run Sabotage records and I occasionally blog at:

Stathis Kassios: Sabotage records...please tell us about it! What kind of ''Sabotage'' do you think Greece needs in order to escape from the so called crisis?
Christian Cambas: Sabotage Records just focuses on putting out no-nonsense Techno and a bit of tough Tech-House.  We've released stuff from big names such as Lutzenkirchen, Phunk Investigation, Tom Hades etc., but we also work with up-and-coming artists who really make an impact with their productions. Of course, we have put out tracks from Greek artists such as Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos etc.

Regarding the situation in Greece, I'm no economic expert by any means, but I'm pretty sure that the road we are on now has been pre-determined for quite some time and sadly, there is nothing we can do to stray from it.

Stathis Kassios: Your personal predictions for the global music industry in 2012? 

Christian Cambas: This is the only thing that I am optimistic about actually, not on a personal level, but in general.  I feel that the industry has started to adapt to the new media environment and that has already brought positive changes for artists, regardless of level.  It is easier now to find your own niche and grow as an artist, label, or music business entity.

Stathis Kassios: You can close this ''music shot'' with some personal remarks!
Christian Cambas: I know I say this in every interview, but:  Trust No One



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