My predictions for 2012!

My predictions for 2012...

  • Smartphones will lead the mobile markets all across the globe. More and more mobile apps will be competing for our daily needs & activities
  • Video on demand services will be the new norm while traditional media companies will have to quickly respond & adapt to the changing ecosystems otherwise they will lose more audience and ad revenues
  • The tech industry (sitting now on 200$BN cash) is going to be the least affected by the recession thus will retain its competitive advantage over other troubled & unsustainable industries
  • China & other fast developing Asian countries will have a significant say for the global economy & trade policies
  • "Harness the web" will be the new unexplored map & mission for every firm or professional willing to survive in the long run
  • I am not sure if my country Greece will eventually collapse even though I am pretty sure that the crisis will change the mindsets of more individuals who will start setting up businesses of their own, detaching themselves from past working conditions. The government has to step back in order to liberate the market, enforce less bureaucracy & corporate taxes. The promising age of start - ups popping up around the country will welcome new funding opportunities from abroad
  • The world won't end in 2012
- Stathis Kassios

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