From Super Creeps to Scary Monsters

David Bowie related posts have been hosted in this blog. Recall his album "From Scary Monsters to Super Creeps"! Make a -mind- time leap forward of about 30 years and see what happens in the other side of the Atlantic.

"From Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites"? Sounds similar. I wonder where has the rising dubstep/electro house star Skrillex hidden his David Bowie influence? Can't be a pure coincidence. He sure knows how to subliminally hide other things too like his voice saying "You don't need to hide my friend, for I am just like you". His EP was produced in his apartment using a laptop, surely raises some suspicious eyebrows when thinking other artists that spend huge studio budgets to deliver sh*tty productions.

This is one of the most innovative music clips & tracks I have experienced since a long time. The new Trent Reznor of the music industry? Time will get the music dope of Skrillex!

 Click here - Skrillex!


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