Infocom World Athens 2011 - review

When I first learned about "Infocom World Athens" I realized that Greece has still something valuable to offer in the domestic & international markets. Established companies in the field of technology, telecommunications & informatics were present to show that they are able to lead the way out of our problems & towards a brighter future. These significant players seem to have defied the dominant logic of crisis, thriving with their business in Greece & beyond while strengthening their customer base and profits globally.

It was the ideal environment to visit with the Siteland team as we first & foremost occupy ourselves with the latest events occuring in the aforementioned field.

All the speakers stressed the need for drastic changes & focused on their sector as the promising carrier for change. New high-tech networks, more efficient electronic government for the public, new - business to business - platforms that diminish various costs & increase productivity & control over managerial aspects, cloud computing software as service for data protection.

The problem for this great sounding innovative infrastructure, is the well known a-synchronization with the government's general stance on doing business in Greece. Corporate taxes should be decreased & inelastic bureaucracy abolished too. If the government continues to asphyxiate the private sector, all the plans presented in "Infocom World Athens" about funds & angel investors that will help new start ups to capitalise on the technologies mentioned above, will probably fail.

Don't miss the next ''infocom world''!

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