The next new thing by Silicon Valley's strategist S. Tatsuno!

Dear readers,

I had some very interesting thoughts exchange with Silicon Valley's strategist Sheridan Tatsuno! I was lucky and honored to meet him in personal, attend his lectures, project set-ups & class discussion contributions, while studying at Jonkoping's International Business School in Sweden.

Here's what he says about the next new thing happening around the globe right now...

"The Next New Thing will be global networks where billions of smartphone users create new content (photos, videos, images, text, etc.) in unlimited new ways that we can’t even imagine right now, just as Internet developers created new Web businesses and groups that we couldn’t imagine at Stanford in 1993 before Mosaic and Yahoo! showed up. The future belongs to visionaries who find useful services and market needs, then build and share them. That’s the role of Silicon Valley Global Network: to connect emerging visionaries.

The world really needs new companies and industries to create jobs since the old, dying industrial model will never be able to provide enough to meet the booming growth of young people, especially in developing nations. We’re moving into a globally-connected Service Economy or Creative Economy where consumers become producers too, a bottom-up model that is the opposite of the old top-down industrial model protected by Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor and Big Universities. Unless the world moves quickly to this new, emerging bottom-up model, we face serious social and political unrest among the hundreds of millions of frustrated, unemployed people around the world. Silicon Valley has the vision, tools and money; we need users worldwide who can use them to create hope, jobs and communities.''

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