Music "shot" part 1 - Freedom of Speech

Hello there people! I have decided to change and renew the very nature of this surrealistic blog. Therefore, I will start offering you music "shots"! Yes, this is how I will call the short interviews that I will be conducting from now on. Short interviews featuring artists and interesting creative people from all around the globe, answering to questions which reflect the content and the scope of this digital space. Here's music shot part one featuring the Athens (GR) based trip - hop band Freedom of Speech. Hope these music shots will give you a proper head buzz to accompany your summer nights!

1) Hello Emilios! You may introduce yourself and your band Freedom of Speech!

Hello Stathis. As you know I' m a graphic designer. I have worked in different advertising companies but for the last three years I've been working alone as a freelancer. This is my main occupation but as you know I have the best hobby - music - and during the last years this hobby evolved into something bigger. I always remember my self being in small school bands or trying to compose little songs. Anyway, after all, I found my new family called Freedom of Speech. I joined the band in 2007 when they started recording the album "S' Alli Hora" and they wanted a guitar player. Iʼm very proud to be in this team because from the very first moment I had the freedom to work as a composer, musician, guitar player and graphic designer. F*cking awesome!

Freedom of Speech is a trip hop band, formed at the end of 2000. Within a musical journey that began with hip hop, the sound of Freedom broadened in the way and flew over different genders of music, such as trip hop, electro, industrial and rock. They made their debut in 2004 with the LP "Timorimenoi". In November 2006, the band qualifies to the finals of Thessaloniki Song Festival and wins the "Best Lyrics" award for the song "Poso melagholise aftos o topos". In May 2007, Freedom of Speech sign the soundtrack for a staging of Dario Fo's "Archangels Don't Play Pinball". In June of 2009, they collaborate with Dimitra Galani for a cover of "Apopse Pouthena", included in her latest album "Pixel", featuring numerous Greek alternative acts. On February 1st, 2010, the new album of Freedom of Speech, "S' Alli Hora" is released. And last but not least, the last days we released our new video clip for the song "Sinxisi".

2) Do you believe in the freedom to say what you want without censorship? 

This is a very tricky question. Many years ago people fought with their lives so that today we can all enjoy this right. The problem is that, nowadays, both government and media donʼt show any respect for this right, applying censorship to any voice that is against them. Fortunately, these voices are many, especially lately, so this type of propaganda games do not succeed.

Freedom of expression is one of the most fundamental rights that individuals enjoy. It is fundamental for the existence of democracy and for the respect of human dignity. It is also one of the most threatened rights, because governments all around the world constantly trying to curtail it.

3) What is the current situation as regard to freedom of speech in your home country Greece?

Most people in Greece seem not to realize this right. Since the economic crisis knocked on their doors, at the same time realising how much they have been deceived all these years, I strongly believe that theyʼve finally woken up from their really deep sleep. Strikes took place at the square of Sindagma, and the good think is that most of the people really believed in the great need for a change. It' s a really big step towards for the people to be all together again under no specific labels trying to offer solutions instead of laying on their sofas watching TV.

This situation happens in almost every country facing the same problems as we are, like Spain, Portugal or Ireland for example. Human rights like freedom of expression are international, applying to all countries and their people.

Thank you for your answers Emilios! Keep up the good work!
Stathis K.


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