All about the Web! And the winner is S...

Lately, I have been following news - all around the Web - on how the big players like AOL, Yahoo, Youtube, and others, keep investing big money in the content of their web media platforms. The content is the king undoubtedly, otherwise the aforementioned companies would not exist as we speak. It is very exciting to have personally found a young team of latest internet technology followers/experts/entrepreneurs for whom I will discuss further on.

I currently cooperate with the Athens based web company Siteland. A well established company with a proven and remarkable record of business clients (take a look at the company's portfolio here: ). I am happy to announce that from now on I will be handling their marketing campaigns and business development activities.

Our services range from standard web design to the creation of an enhanced e-shop for your online business, to sell & promote your products while reaching new customers globally. We offer a secured and certified transaction system (SSL).

Web marketing is a growing field where the visualization of your small or medium sized business, plays an important role in attracting customers. Therefore, we provide the necessary tools to develop your company online, increase your visitors, optimize your website's performance and prestige. In addition we handle other marketing activities too like logos design, posters, professional cards, etc. You don't have to worry for expensive advertising anymore. Our web creations are Google affiliated (Google AdWords & Apps) and the advertising tools that we offer efficiently target your customers while increasing the search results for your company.

Visit our website and feel welcome to personally contact and ask me how Siteland is able to help you build and expand your website or web company!

We also create websites for solo artists, bands & musicians. The aggressive competition in today's music industry should motivate you to boost your image and gain a significant advantage with a professional online presence that Siteland guarantees!

For more info:

The content is the King and the winner is...Siteland!

Stathis Kassios
Marketing & Business Development Manager

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