Piracy is Bad for Gambling

That is the current case in recent Casino Industry news in Greece. Illegal gambling, physical (traditionally widespread) and digital is increasingly absorbing a significant financial amount of the official Casino business revenues. Perhaps this reminds you of digital piracy in music biz. In numbers, I found a worryingly falling revenue percentage which immediately created job losses in various Casinos around Greece. Job lay - offs, the well known recipe for cost - cutting effects, happens when a sector is getting depressed by external factors like the Greek recession, technological upheaval, unfair competition in the form of black markets. Not only that but if the Greek government passes a new legislation for foreign companies pushing for online gambling games, the already troubled Casino Industry will have to face another economic burden. In total, the "virus" consists of about 250 online betting ''places'', 20.000 AWAPs (electronic machines for entertainment with limited profit), 150.000 computers offering illegal gambling games, plus websites for online gambling from around the world. The government will gain more taxes if they try to regulate the market properly & the Casino industry will save some job losses & regain their lost revenues. The last three years perceived decline in earnings decreased by 50%.

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