Blues for Allah?

Two things that currently swirl around my mind.

The Grateful Dead & especially their ultra psychedelic album "Blues for Allah" (1975). The title brings me war images of NATO warships circling Libya. Just replace - relocate the wor(l)ds & see what happens when West & East collide.

Back in the 2011 reality, read some hot news about iPhone applications that let artists record personal messages for their fans which can be played back using social networks like Facebook, Myspace, etc.

The application's "follow" features will help music bands to identify some kind of loyalty index in order to distinguish loyal fans that pay to buy albums, attend gigs, thus recognize fans that generate revenues rather than sole free riders.

"On older social media platforms, the artist doesn’t know if you friended once on Facebook and then walked away, or if you’ve been to every show and know the producer on every album".

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