Anti-multiplicity/Black Bubblegum

I think I have previously discussed in this beloved blog of mine, about the concept of  multiplicity for modern media products. I will let you pick some of today's music industry releases for example. A significant percentage of hit - list artists generate highly identical songs. Thank mighty Dionysus that Dillinger Escape Plan is here. Even if they didn't intend to, their latest album's cover depicts the idea of multiplicity for an enormous amount of digital information targeted towards the listeners, the music fans, complicating their search criteria for quality music. Enjoy another great artistic example of their controversial personas.

In other news, I will perform with my band Nightfall on the 8th of April @ Fuzz club in Athens, along with UK's Cradle of Filth. Excited to be back on stage after a long break. For gig info and tickets copy and paste:

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