Filling the media space or too clinical ?

Very interesting lines from Tool's mainman Maynard James Keenan, for your personal introspection...

"Back when Nirvana opened a door, a lot of the bands got popular that had a more idealistic view of the way things should be for music, 'no you don't have to do this and you don't have to do that'... and they stuck to their guns about it. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Tool - all did things their way. The only downside to that was that they didn't fill in the space - 'No, you don't need to do a record every year'. Well, Limp Bizkit and those kinds of bands are willing to do that, so they've filled up the space, and because we weren't around and because people's attention spans are short, they kind of took over.

It's all mediocre, and they're all willing to do things that have nothing to do with art - all posturing and shaking hands and hanging out at the Playboy Mansion. It has nothing to do with art or music or anything, but it doesn't matter because they're filling up space. There are so many slots on a radio station for a song; there are so many magazine covers per year. And they need somebody on the cover, so if they're willing to do the goofy poses and flip off the camera and wear funny hats - do all that kind of stuff to get on the cover - they'll fill up the space and sell magazines."

- SK

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