Global vs Indigenous

I have been following online discussions lately revolving around the impact of globalization or globalized forces on local economies. One might use the example of a famous pop artist like Prince who is well known in many countries. At the same time the domestic music of Portugal is not aggressively marketed around the world as happens to be the case with the aforementioned artist. To interpret this, we should assume that a popularized international artist enters as many international markets as possible while an indigenous one usually gets stuck to the barriers of his own language & culture. This critical point raises concerns to some people if domestic cultural production is heavily affected or alienated by the international.

It's easy to notice that many domestic pop artists sound as good or bad clones & derivatives of the international music scene (researchers call this product multiplicity).The counter argument though is that some famous music genres like American Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, etc. are highly influenced by world music too or music originating from the very far places of the globe. This aspect should ideally be considered when an arrogant opinion simply accuses globalization as a cause (global) & effect (domestic) evil button. If a country thinks that its art & cultural imports are taking over its exports, then their media control centers should start producing more domestic content and somehow limit the importation of international media content aimed at their audience's TV screens.

There is great chance here I think for cross - cultural exhanges boosted by the rise of rapid media communications.


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