Interactive media

So what about interaction? Let me begin this entry with expressing a common point that digital age brings people closer to their (american or not) idols, closer to the people that entertain or amuse them. In recent media industry news, Conan O' Brien surpassed Jay Leno's followers in Twitter. What a shame...

E-business language: Competing media figures re-establish the digital (infinite) ground of content providers.

Before the internet miracle, people would follow limited trails of physical markets leading consumers to record stores of limited product availability. Maniacs of TV reality/format shows were relentlessly being rated. After the 00's, a lot of "connected" people have the option to experience the lives of the famous, 24/7. Raw statistical data (number of followers, etc.) have certainly something to say about the renewed popularity.

Maybe you think that your established star is the absolute king of the traditional media, but once he becomes digitalized, new data can appear pointing to how social networking sites give birth to uncommon perceptions of popularity distributions (like B list or niche players).


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