TV formats are here to stay

This decade's rise of TV formats signified the creation of whole series/shows (I also spotted the term "Episodic Television") like Lost, Dexter, The Sopranos, American Idol, etc. which have marked the TV entertainment industry in a way that big networks, are continuously craving for the next new big cash - flow machine, to retain massive audiences around the world.

Recently, I decided to start watching & found myself stuck with HBO's multi - nominated & award winning "Six Feet Under" (created by Allan Ball, writer of American Beauty), a black humor - drama comedy, about the peculiar characters of the Fishers, a family that runs a funeral business.

The TV formats are here to stay & advertisers are more than happy buying time to let the shows run on the base of a high audience demand which keeps increasing, as ratings show. The media companies will keep searching for trend - setting programmes which increase their revenues, while promising to expand the ancillary revenues of video & DVD sales of their premium content series.

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