ITube, Youtube, HeTube, SheTube, etc.

Taking a closer look in the features of the innovative site ''Youtube'', we will soon notice that some videos have millions of views & some have very few. In accordance to this, some artists in ''Youtube'' have millions of views & some artists have just a couple of thousand. I believe that this kind of statistics should ring an alarming bell in the mind of music business managers, in order for them to consider & explore the marketing possibilities when choosing a strong brand - band - and placing it in similar sites that promise infinite exposure. This could be easily done by exclusively adding a new video track of the upcoming release of a well known artist that will attract millions of viewers. Another suggestion would be to place a video & enhance ads and links directing to sites where people can purchase the album.

Innovative sites like Youtube create strong network externalities, something which means that YouTube is a non - stop growing field of viewers, where everything goes bigger & bigger thus establishing a state which is difficult to immitate by other media broadcasters or similar websites. Furthermore, Youtube is used by large music corporations (like Warner Music) to form deals in order to license the Youtube service to legally broadcast artists repertoire, in return for a percentage of advertising revenues. In this way, artists & companies are economically compensated.

In recent industry news, Youtube announced its cooperation with many media firms. The latter have started changing attitude towards uploading copyrighted material, like videos. This is because some companies started realizing how they can benefit from such an innovative site, instead of filing law suits all the time, ending up spending time & money in courts. A viable solution is to add links with videos, prompting the viewer to buy the music on Amazon, iTunes, etc. Furthermore, by placing ads inside videos, companies can marketise brands more effectively. In this way, media firms & creators of media content will be compensated, while exploring a niche field to promote their media products.

According to the above, I would like to argue that promoting an artist on Youtube, who already runs a long career in the physical retail sales market, while enjoying an established reputation achieved through touring & performing live, can only positively reward the brand with more reputation & hopefully with more digital sales revenues.

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