Troubled Myspace

I believe that many Myspace users & artists have sometimes wondered about the fact that they receive so much attention for free. In other words, the Myspace miracle allows this obvious self - promotion without charging the user, providing free services, etc.

That was the delicate story so far until I read that Rupert Murdoch, the boss of News Corporation, expects that in the near future all of his sites including Myspace, will start charging users by setting up subscriptions for example.

The social networking site Myspace has showed declining revenues, causing a general alarm to the rest of Murdoch's media branches. Other authors have suggested that according to web history, similar - free of charge - sites didn't last long and were unfortunately closed down.

So this leaves myspace with two choices. It will either start charging its users with a minimum monthly fee to keep it running or it will become a fading yet glowing webground.

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