After the Death of Michael Jackson

I always felt that there is something magical & supernatural in the presence of the artistic and cultural phenomenon, known as Michael Jackson. Tremendously bewitched in a level that I currently desire to fool myself & believe that the "King of Pop" will resurrect himself from his pitiful death or hope that he staged it for whatever reason.

What is (sadly) interesting to see, is the fact that his digital album sales skyrocketed after the event of his passing, hitting in the first 15 positions with his album "Thriller", followed by his albums "Off the Wall" (1979) and "Bad" (1987). Similar story on "itunes", where six of his albums peaked the top 10 positions.

It seems like the death of a "star", boosts the demand for its past works, the least that his loyal & new fans all over the globe proved willing to do as an indication of honor upon his persona.

May his soul rest in peace...

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