Losing my virginity!

Let the title of this post trick you not, since it does not refer to a personal past experience but rather to "Losing my virginity", the book by the British multimillionaire entrepreneur Richard Bransson.

Owner of Virgin, a brand that runs many different sub-businesses. like a tree with different branches, all under the same name, at the age of 16 he started his first business selling advertise space for a student magazine. He then moved on to start selling records via post office until the time he decided to open his first record store beneath a shoe store. The agreement was to run his record store rent free, only if he could attract more shoe customers something that turned out to be a success.

The rest is history of course... Virgin established itself as a well known brand for record stores (Virgin Megastores), air company (Virgin Atlantic), trains, cell phones, financial services and maybe space services in the future...

The company's overall philosophy is to break down in pieces whenever a section gets too big, following a deconstrucionist strategic view to avoid high capital costs & the risks accompanying these costs, leasing everything and offering services in atttractive prices to the customers.

When they usually ask him what is the right recipe for venturing far & making your business big, he argues that there is no secret recipe although he comments that luck favors the ones who dare, as it  favored him back when he started his first record store, rent free...

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