15 years after the death of Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks was a political comedian, philosopher, musician, entertainer, an undisputed talent!

15 years after his death, his popularity has been growing since then, with numerous comedians globally trying unsuccessfully to immitate him. Relating criticism with black humor, he made his message clear that popular culture is "keeping people apathetic and stupid". Psychedelics (recreational drug use based on his liberal beliefs) affected his later performances, driving storming amounts of energy out of his mouth & his body, leading him at ecstatic revelations about the modern face of the American society & Western civilization in general.

The band TOOL, has also been inspired by his philosophical theories. They dedicated their album "AEnima" (released in 1996) to him.

The question that comes to my mind is if an entertainer should make people laugh only? Certainly not in the case of Bill Hicks, this tragic hero. Trying to entertain people & offer food for thought at the same time, constituted the core of his heretic eulogies.

He will always be remembered.

"Oh, fuc* it, nothing else is going on, I will go on Celebrity Squares". - Bill Hicks

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