Inside The Medieval Mind documentary

Closing 2019 with the last post in my blog. In the past during Christmas, I would add my personal predictions for the next year, technological changes and new hot innovations, geopolitical dangers, current economic and financial state of the world, analysis on global affairs, my views on how different topics intertwine together. 

This time I want to suggest you to dive in the following documentary and question yourself if the modern world is still thinking in Medieval terms and in Medieval ways. To understand the Powers of the Medieval ages is to understand better the powers that shape our modern world and how the Western thinking was formed.

Inside the Medieval Mind is one of the best documentaries I have ever watched. Professor Robert Bartlett is a great presenter and communicator, managing to ''compress'' long centuries of History and knowledge in a single documentary limited to the normal time constraints and still be able to provide great insights about the Medieval era.

Not sure for the Copyright status on Youtube regarding this documentary but I am sure you can watch some excerpts online if you search for it.

Merry Christmas!
Stathis Kassios


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